About Me

Hi, I’m Alex. I work over forty hours a week in a profession that although I do enjoy, I secretly spend every free moment dreaming of my next escape. My escape to adventure. My escape to the outdoors with nature full of beauty and excitement. My escape to wondrous places whether they be peaceful landscapes or dangerous wild animals. I’ve been fortunate enough to fulfill several items on my bucket list, but each time I check one off, another one appears. I never find it hard to find beauty in the outdoors. It can be found close to home or continents away. As long as I am able to breathe, I will continue to search for the next great escape to the outdoors! Now that I have my newest little adventure partner, I am still going to continue my outdoor escapes and yoga journey but with a little buddy!

One of my greatest passions is yoga. How it all started, I was an acrobat for 12 years. I left the sport to go to college at 17. During my studies, I decided to take a yoga class as an elective. I fell in love with it and been doing it ever since. I received my yoga teacher training back in 2017 along with 5 week extensions program. In 2019, I achieved my Stand Up Paddle board yoga certification. This summer while I was expecting/ first 3 weeks with my little one, I received my Prenatal Yoga Teacher certification. I am excited to eventually teach and see what the future has in store.