Gjain, Iceland

The magical valley of Gjain was high on my bucket list to visit when I traveled to Iceland. Gjain is not that easy to get too. It is a long, several hours journey along a solitary road with no stores or homes in sight. Right before the turn off to Gjain there is a road to Hjalparfoss. A must see dialing waterfall. Once arriving at Gjain valley there are signs posted of the various trails to hike. We walked up a slightly steep hill on a gravel road while wondering if we were going in the right direction. Once we got to the top of an overlook, we were in awe of the hidden beauty we found. It was like coming across an unclaimed land of fairytale-like essence. Pictures do not do justice to the stunning beauty of Gjain. Streams and waterfalls flow all over the area with vibrant colored trees and caves scattered along the hillsides. We walked down into the valley and explored some of the caves. Although it was very cold and windy here, I never wanted to leave this beautiful outdoor escape!Gjain

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