Bondhusvatnet Lake, Norway

Bondhusvatnet Lake is at the north end of Folgefonna National Park in Norway. A glacier sits above the lake creating waterfalls to flow down into the lake from different directions. This place is so beautiful with green grass meadows, blue streams along side of the trail, flowers blooming, tall mountain sides, and waterfalls all around. The trail to Bonhusvatnet is rated easy and took me about an hour one way. Along the trail is a section to cross a bridge over a waterfall, hop some rocks, and climb through green mossy hill sides yielding different views of the lake. I could not reach the bottom of the glacier during this hike since the glacier was melting due to the heat we encountered during our stay. This is a great place to have a picnic and sunbathe when the weather cooperates as it did for me. Overall, Bondhusvatnet Lake is a stunningly beautiful find. Coming here was not originally on my itinerary but what a rewarding stop it was since this is what wonderlusting is about (finding new and unplanned outdoor escapes).

Front View of Bondhusvatnet Lake
Front View of Bondhusvatnet Lake
Back View of Bondhusvatnet Lake

Bondhusvatnet LakeTrail Bondhusvatnet Lake

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