Treehouse in Norway

Last month, I traveled for eleven days to Norway. Words can not describe how beautiful it was. Some of the best outdoor sights ranging from fjords to waterfalls to glaciers and mountains. The country has so much water flowing everywhere. I will slowly be posting more on tips as well as photos and videos about my travels throughout the country.

While I was traveling around Norway, I stayed in Airbnb’s and this was my splurge Airbnb since it was a little more on the high side for my budget but it was well worth it. The treehouse was located in a town called Sandane. This small, cute little town has a very good Italian restaurant, grocery store, and a few clothing shops. I ordered take out pizza, bought some Norwegian cookies, and drank some whiskey on the porch of the treehouse while enjoying the view. The treehouse has no WiFi, no television just a gorgeous view, birds chirping, and lambs to watch below. There was even a loo with a view! I was okay with that since I love nature and being outdoors.

I discovered the treehouse as I was skimming through Instagram and saw a Norway account posted a photo of it and thought I have never stayed in one I have to try it out! Now I can check another bucket list item off. I highly suggest staying here if you visit Norway.

Loo with a view

Morning views

Pizza with a view

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