Mammoth Lakes, California

Convict Lake
Convict Lake

It’s amazing to take a trip somewhere in California during the month of June where you can bundle up in a jacket, gloves, and scarf and enjoy the cold weather with snow coming down around you. I found it in Mammoth Lakes this year. We took a short trip for some hiking, snowboarding, warming up in natural hot springs, and of course enjoying local food and drinks. Our first stop was Convict Lake. There is easy parking here next to the lake where you can take a gorgeous walk around the amazing bright blue water. Convict Lake is great for fishing and hiking and has camping facilities. Close by is Twin Lakes, another beautiful set of lakes surrounded by snow crested mountains with Twin Falls empting into them.  

Mammoth Mountain is one of California’s best places for skiing and snowboarding. We took in a full day of boarding even though it was snowing the entire time on the slopes with visibility of only about ten feet. When we had enough of the slopes we went to Wild Willy’s Hot Spring to warm up. It can get crowded here at times but we were lucky enough to not have many people when we went. This was a perfect way to get the frost out of our bodies while viewing the beautiful snow topped mountains that surrounded us.  Make sure to bring a towel with you because it gets cold once out and walking back to the parking area. After warming up we went back to our lodge and made our traditional pasta and garlic bread dinner we reserve for “snowy” trips.

The next day we visited Hot Creek Geological Site. It is located off Hot Creek Hatchery Road and US-395. To reach this geological wonder of nature, take the short trail from the parking area. The bright blue sulfur smelling water bubbling up from the creek bed reminded me of places I have visited in Iceland. It is a beautiful view but entering the water is prohibited due to the varying temperature changes resulting in sometimes extreme hot water.  We ended the day at Mammoth Brewing Company. I loved their root beer and then progressed to a flight tasting of their craft beers and then on to having ramen noodles at Sushi Rei, one of Mammoth Lakes best sushi bars. This was a perfect way to end a June escape with friends to snow in California!


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