Oceanside Harbor, California

Sunset Oceanside
Always Time For Yoga, Oceanside Sunset

After a long day at work one of my favorite things to do is stop at Oceanside Harbor and escape from the stressful commute in freeway traffic and refresh myself for the evening.  I usually take a walk or jog along the waterfront passing the many boats rocking gently in their slips and restaurants full of people enjoying an outdoor meal. Opposite the big “Oceanside” letters on the hillside towards the middle of the harbor area is a dock with a nice kayak and paddleboard launch that is open to the public. I take my paddleboard there on weekends as the floating platform makes it very easy to get on and off the board without jumping into the water. Parking is almost always available and very easy to find, unlike most Orange County Beachs. Right around this area is where groups of sea lions come to climb onto the dock and dry off in the sun. It is amazing to watch these huge animals easily propel themselves out of the water and onto the dock. I can spend hours watching them fight for position and snuggle with each other while snorting and barking loudly. As the sea lions finally get situated and ready for their naps, the sun starts going down while highlighting the beautiful view of the harbor in shades of orange and red. Unfortunately, now that the time has changed and it gets dark earlier, I will miss the sea lion ritual and wait anxiously for summer to return.


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