Annie’s Canyon Trail – Hiking to Escape

Annie's Canyon Trail
Looking Down Slot Canyon

Annie’s Canyon Trail is located within the San Elijo Lagoon Conservancy in San Diego’s coastal North County. It lies between the beach and Interstate 5 just north of the city of Solana Beach. The nonprofit land trust covers 1,000 acres of wetland and is home to numerous species of plants and animals. It is a great place for walking, running, and hiking on the seven miles of trails, walking dogs, and taking nature photography.

Annie’s Canyon Trail was named in honor of Annie, a conservancy supporter, who worked to help restore wild areas of the lagoon for nature and for people to enjoy. The trail is a quarter-mile loop that is moderate to strenuous. To enter San Elijo Lagoon we parked along Rios Avenue in Solano Beach. It is a beautiful walk through the winding paths of the lagoon full of natural trees and plants endemic to the area.  From the Rios Avenue trail we entered the trail to Annie’s Canyon. As I walked through the sandstone walls of this short but beautiful slot canyon, it reminded me of the those I have hiked through in Anza Borrego and Page, Arizona, just shorter in length.

If you plan to hike this trail, make sure to wear shoes with a good grip because the sand is loose and slippery while passing though the sometimes very narrow spaces. After the canyon hike we took a winding path to the overlook with a gorgeous view of the ocean and the lagoon. San Elijo Lagoon Conservancy is a beautiful place to escape from the chaos of the city and wrap yourself in peaceful nature.

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