Outdoor Escape to Maui – Day 1

Nakalele Blowhole
Nakalele Blowhole, Maui

My recent trip to Maui was the first time I have visited the second largest of the Hawaiian Islands. If you happened to read my previous blog posts regarding the disaster of my new GoPro Karma Drone, you will remember that the episode ruined the first part of my trip. After the shock of loosing the Karma settled in, I was able to have a fabulous time and wanted to share some of the tips I used to make the most of my outdoor escape to Maui.

To begin with, I did lots of research on places to go, where to stay, and transportation for a decent price. I ended up purchasing a package trip from Costco Travel which turned out to be very reasonably priced that included our flight, hotel, and rental car. I don’t think we could have found anything as nice by purchasing the trip without a package deal.

I highly recommend the IPhone app “Maui Revealed”. This app does not require internet connection once downloaded. It provides an offline map which is helpful in many of the remote areas of Maui where you will not have internet access. The app easily helps you find great places to sight-see, snorkel, eat, enjoy the nightlife of Maui, and more.

As we headed north on the island from where our hotel was located to see the Olivine Pools, we stopped at Julia’s Banana Bread. Wow! They have banana bread that rivals my mom’s. We bought an entire loaf of bread along with some guava juice and snacked on it as we drove to the pools.

Once we arrived at Olivine Pools we took a short trail down from the parking lot while enjoying the beautiful view of the coastline. We had a nice swim in the saltwater pools which are set lava rock. You can see Kahakuloa Head, the tall, triangle shaped overlook off the highway from the pools. We had read that there have been deaths at Olivine Pools do to random wild waves and other dangerous conditions so we were careful and obeyed all safety warnings.

We then drove to Nakalele Blowhole. From the parking area it is a decent walk down to the blowhole so make sure to bring some water along with you. I would also recommend wearing hiking or work-out shoes for the walk. I wore sandals all day and ended up with a serious blister on my foot. The water spews out impressively from the blowhole every few seconds and with each blow it gets higher and higher, as high as 100 feet in the air.

We finished the day enjoying the scenic drive back to the hotel, stopping at numerous look-outs along the way. For dinner we went to Maui Brewing Company. I suggest getting the beer flight. I am not usually a beer drinker but these tasty craft beers were perfect for the evening after hiking, swimming, and being in the sun all day. We ordered the tater tot appetizer (amazing), vegetarian flatbread (very good), and mac and cheese (average).

Our first day was full of beautiful sights and adventures including one of the most beautiful sunsets that evening from our hotel balcony. More great adventures to come!






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