GoPro Karma vs. Maui

Karma Drone
Karma Before it Went Rogue

Let me preface this quick blog post with the fact that I have an unresolved issue with GoPro and am waiting for a final response regarding the loss of my new Karma Drone and GoPro Hero5. I have always been a supporter of GoPro and was an early consumer of the Hero cameras. I bought my first Hero3 in 2008 and loved it. I then moved up to the Hero4 and was very excited about the onscreen viewer. When the Karma was announced I did my research studying all the various drones available. My friend brought her DJI Phantom 4 Drone on our Iceland trip so I considered that model in my decision making. After much thought I decided on the Karma. Wow, the new Hero5 and stabilizer are amazing. I practiced with the Karma in numerous locations including mountain tops and beaches. Being so excited to use my newly purchased Karma on my first adventure to Maui, I mapped and charted the locations I would be filming. All was good until the Karma stopped responding and as I was running down the middle of the narrow road to Hana, the Karma was free flying into the dense forest of Maui. Just like that $1,600 into the unknown. I lost all my pictures and videos on the SD card and at that moment my trip was ruined. To make a long story short, I am still negotiating with GoPro because I followed all the rules of using a Karma and they are not sure I did. On a lighter note, is there something up with the name “Karma” and did I deserve this? I will keep you posted as to what happens and if I continue to praise GoPro products……..

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