National Dog Day

Sydney and I

What would my life be without a dog?  I would say it would be empty.  My dogs have been there for all the good times in my life from camping, hiking, swimming, beach adventures, and of course playing. They have also been there for some of the toughest times in my life and have provided me with their love and loyalty through the worst parts. They have been great companions during every milestone of my life. My dogs have been there when I first learned to walk and swim. They were there to pick up all of the Cheerios and goldfish crackers I dropped on the floor and stayed with me as I slept to keep me safe. My dogs have lived long happy lives and we were devastated when each one had to pass on. We always found another rescue dog from a shelter that was as great as the last and they each have had a distinct personality. I will never forget all of my wonderful dogs and keep their memory close. Shelter and rescue dogs need the support of a loving home and have been a perfect fit for us. In honor of National Dog Day, I am proud to share these pictures of my dogs who have made my life better.







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