Kayaking Lake Powell

Antelope Slot Canyon, Lake Powell
Antelope Slot Canyon, Lake Powell

Lake Powell is one of the most beautiful lakes in the Southwest United States. I took my mom on a trip to Zion National Park this year for her birthday and we decided to take a drive over to Page, Arizona to do some kayaking. The day started out a little windy and several rental facilities were reluctant to let us rent kayaks. We finally found a rental place at the Antelope Point Marina that would let us go out for around two hours. We were warned that the winds could pick up quickly and if we didn’t return within that time frame, they would come out to look for us. Our goal was to go into Antelope Slot Canyon. Things were going great once we got into the canyon as we peacefully glided over the smooth water looking up at the beautiful Navajo Sandstone canyon walls. We were lost in the magic and wonder of nature on our way out of the canyon when suddenly our kayak tipped over. Thankfully we had on life jackets and our valuables in water bags. My poor mom was totally submerged. After swimming to an area with a small shallow ledge, we got the kayak turned over and managed to get back inside. As the wind picked up we struggled through the whitecaps on the lake, soaking wet and freezing until we finally made it back to the marina. It wasn’t funny at the time but later we had a good laugh at our dunking in Lake Powell. If you want to go kayaking on Lake Powell there are several places to rent kayaks in Page that will strap the kayaks to the top of your car for you. We rented ours right at the marina, which made it easy to just get in and go. The prices were very reasonable, only $20 for a few hours. They provided us with life vests and waterproof bags. Also, make sure to stop on the way to Page at Glen Canyon Dam for a great view of Lake Powell and the Carl Hayden Visitor center, which gives the history of the Dam and surrounding area.

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