Gibbs Cay Snorkeling with Stingrays

I Heart Gibbs Cay

While vacationing in Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos Islands last year I went on a snorkeling trip to the small island of Gibbs Cay. Referred to as “Stingray City”, Gibbs Cay is about a mile off the eastern coast of Grand Turk. I have been on many snorkeling trips but Gibbs Cay was one of the most memorable due to the remarkably clear water, white sand beach, and the abundance of stingrays and other underwater treasures. I have a bad history with stingrays and was a little reluctant about going anywhere near them. Eight years ago while boogie boarding in Newport Beach I was hit with a stingray barb on the top of my foot. This was one of the more painful experiences I had ever had and even a month later the wound festered up requiring the doctor to open it and remove a remaining piece of barb. I must have stepped on the stingray or brushed the tail and have since learned that it is best to shuffle while walking in shallow water as to not bother these mostly harmless animals. I worked through my fear of stingrays and am so glad I did because this was an incredible experience with these amazing creatures swimming all around me showing their personalities by flapping their “wings” wildly when touched. I highly recommend getting to Gibbs Cay if you have the opportunity to visit Grand Turk. 

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