Big Sur, California

McWay FallsBig Sur is one of the most beautiful areas along the California coastline. I have been there many times throughout my life and the wonder of this place never ceases to impress me. My grandpa was a camp host at Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park when I was only two years old. My parents would drive up to stay with him whenever they had a long weekend off. I can remember thinking it was a magical fairy forest as we walked though the enormous redwood trees and the ground layered with bright green ferns. I have been back there camping often, enjoying the many things to do along the drive to reach the campground. It is about a 6 hour trip from Los Angeles traveling north on Scenic Highway 1 with many turnoffs and hikes along the way from simple to difficult. Limekiln and Pfeiffer Big Sur State Parks have nice waterfall hikes and Pfeiffer Beach, Sand Dollar Beach, and Leo Carrillo State Beach are beautiful beaches where you may be lucky enough to see large colonies of Elephant seals. McWay falls is a must see and just a short walk off Highway 1. If you plan on visiting the Big Sur area, be aware the drive is not a quick one. Highway 1 runs along the coast for a majority of the way and at one point is only single lane with sharp turns and twists. Take time to stop at every turnout and see what lies along the ocean cliffs. You can also reach Big Sur by going south on Highway 1 from Monterey. This is a beautiful drive also which takes about an hour from town. An important thing to be aware of is that Highway 1 may be closed due to rock slides or fires so make sure to check out road conditions prior to planning a trip.




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