Devil’s Pool, Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls, Looking at Zambia side from ZimbabweWhen I found out my trip to South Africa would include a quick stop at Victoria Falls, I started looking for an adventure to do there. Of course I knew I would be seeing the largest flowing waterfall in the world but I wanted to do something in addition to seeing the falls. There are many excursions available around the falls including a swing zip line, bungee jumping, and whitewater rafting. Devil’s Pool caught my eye as many others on social media had listed it on their Bucket List. We made arrangements for the tour before departing on our trip so everything was set in place for the adventure of a lifetime when we arrived at Victoria Falls. We stayed on the Zimbabwe side of the falls so in the morning we took a short drive over the bridge to Zambia and the Royal Livingstone Hotel, where our tour departed from. The tour was limited to six people with three guides. We took a speed boat across the Zambezi River to Livingstone Island where the naturally formed pool sits at the edge of the waterfall. Our guides used our cameras to take pictures of us lying on our stomachs looking over the falls after we swam around in the pool. It was an amazing site! After our swim we were treated to a delicious brunch, beautifully seated right by the falls. Some things to keep in mind about Devil’s Pool is that it is only available to visit while the Zambezi river is low, usually around September to December. You will need a visa for both countries if you plan on viewing the falls from Zambia and Zimbabwe. Our tour was set up for us by Wenhau Safaris. Included was transportation to the Royal Livingstone Hotel and Devil’s Pool, an hour in the pool, brunch, towels, and great tour guides. Try to book this in advance because of the limited people allowed in Devil’s Pool each day.


Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe side



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